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Oak Hill Open
Special Awards

Twin Oak Trial Series--combined scores from Oak Hill Open and Sonoma Wine Country SDT
      Champion                         Candy Kennedy and Moss  score 366
      Reserve Champion            Terry Parrish and Blazin Jane score 351
      3rd                                    Llona Brandenburg and Mirk score 350

Les Bruhn Award--open high combined for NCWSA member
      Russ Dotson & Joy

Saturday Night Specials--Best of the Day

Judge: Mary Heaton - hay field

Best Gather - Ken Willard & Queenie ( Sponsored by Peg Thompson )
Best Drive - Peggy Thompson & Hope (Sponsored by Becky Miller )
Best Maltese - Tricia Guidry & Conner (Sponsored by Suzy McCallister)
Best Pen - Joan Cudd & Ben ( In memory of Webster: Donated by:R.Jeffers & Ione Maddox)

Judge: Allan Heaton - north field

Best Gather - Russ Dotson & Joy (in memory of George:donated by Bob and Nicky Riehl)
Best Drive - Terry Folsom & Sweep (Sponsored by Peg Thompson)
Best Shed/Single - Llona Brandenburg & Mirk (Sponsored by Claire Burson)
Best Pen - Sandra Milberg & Drift (Honoring the retirement years of all trial dogs,
       Donated by: Joe & Patsy Galati)