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Performance Dog Medicine

Performance Dog Medicine, a mobile veterinary clinic, will be at the following California Sheepdog trials in early 2019:


  • Tom and Lisann Spencer's Point Pleasant Ranch | March  2-4

  • Sandra Millberg’s Sonoma Wine Country Sheepdog Trial | March 16-18

  • Slaven Ranch hosting the Zamora Hills Sheepdog Trial | March 22-25

  • McCormack Ranch Sheepdog Trial in Rio Vista | April  5-7

  • Stephanie Summer's Creston Classic Sheepdog trial | April 11-14


We recommend Rabies and DHPP every 3 years and the Leptospirosis Vaccine Annually.


Distemper/Parvo (DHPP) is given every 3-4 weeks until the puppy is 16-18 weeks of age,  again at 1 year, then every 3 years.  


Microchipping is safe and inexpensive.  Don't leave home without it!  We charge $30 and that includes lifetime registration in the National Data Base. Our microchip is the international ISO standard microchip.


We recommend Heartworm Prevention.  Dogs should be tested for heartworms, especially if you have not given it for awhile.


We can give your dog their annual exam, many insurance companies require it plus it is just good medicine.


We can mail you your medications and you will know they are from the original manufacturer.


If you need:

  • Heartworm prevention medication 

  • Vaccines

  • Medications that you give your dog or medications you want to have on hand such as Metacam, Rimadyl, Flagyl, Tylan etc.  LET US KNOW!  We don’t want to run out! 

Please see attached price list for some of the services we offer and sample prices of medications. If you don’t see it ask us!


For more information, contact Diana K Phillips, DVM

phone:  415-328-7707


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