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NCWSA 2020 SDT & Double Lift

A word from trial organizer Patti Sowell...

We had a terrific 2020 NCWSA sponsored trial this year, despite the difficulties Covid imposed. Many thanks to Point Pleasant Ranch for hosting the event this year and providing the sheep. Thanks also to Judges LisAnn Spencer and Elizabeth Baker. Finally thanks to the many volunteers that made the event possible and the participants who made it all worthwhile!

Open Trial 1 -- Friday

Judge LisAnn Spencer


1st Place -- Tom Spencer with Pippa

2nd Place -- Jean Singer with Alex

3rd Place -- Judy Loflin with Cord

Open Trial 2 -- Saturday

Judge Elizabeth Baker

1st Place -- Judy Loflin with Jill

2nd Place -- Sandra Millberg with Devon

3rd Place -- Diana Phillips with Clem

ProNovice-Nursery Trial (combined) -- Sunday

Judge Elizabeth Baker 

1st Place -- Candy Kennedy with Jody

2nd Place -- Sandra Millberg with Tex

3rd Place -- Virginia Dains with Suzie

Double Lift

Judge LisAnn Spencer


1st Place -- Jean Singer with Finn

2nd Place -- Judy Loflin with Cord

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