At the end of 2020 The NCWSA Board voted in favor of waiving membership fees for 2021 for all current members. We hope to see more of you in the coming year!

For those new to NCWSA, or who have allowed their membership to lapse, please join us. We have some exciting things planned for 2021!

You Joining?

Happy April NCWSA members,

Trialing season is in full swing. To find upcoming events, check out our events page that lists opportunities to both NCWSA sponsored events and USBCHA events.

Things have been moving slowly thanks to the wet winter but our February Club Workday was a success. Unfortunately pictures were not possible due to the rainy windy conditions but we had a soggy fun day with 20 runs. We are looking forward to some full fall events starting with the 154th  Scottish Highland games and gathering August 31st through September 1st 2019.

We also hope to have some Novice-Novice and Pro-Novice opportunities in the fall as well. If you would like to host or plan a Workday for club members, please let me know. We need your help to make this club fun for everyone.

Happy Trialing!

I hope to see you at a trial soon,

Amy Alongi

NCWSA president

Spring has sprung after a long, wet winter

Hello current and former members of the NCWSA,

Exciting news! We are rebuilding the club starting with a fresh new website design and a playday/workday set for January 26, 2019.

We have a shiny new Board of Directors filled with seasoned members and fresh faces. Our New Officers and Directors are: Board Members (2 year)

  • Virginia Daines

  • Sandra Milberg

Board Members (1 year)

  • Steve Alongi

  • Caitlyn Gilman

  • Patti Sowell


  • President – Amy Alongi

  • Vice President - Charlotte Jones

  • Secretary – Holly McArthur

  • Treasurer – Rusty Jeffers