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3.Vacancies: A vacancy on the Board will be filled by a majority vote of the remaining board  members at the next scheduled board meeting. A special board meeting may be called to fill the vacancy. This position will be open to the normal nomination and voting procedures at the regular  election meeting at the end of the calendar year. A vacancy in the office of President shall be filled automatically by the Vice President. The Board shall fill the resulting vacancy in the office of Vice President.
4.Resignations: Resignations shall be submitted in writing to the President giving at least fifteen (15)  days notice of the intended resignation.

Article V     Committees

1.Establishing Standing Committees: Each year, the Board may appoint standing committees to  advance the work of the Club in such matters as herding trials, clinics, demonstrations, trophies,  annual prizes, membership, and any other areas which may be served by committees. Such committees shall always be subject to the final authority of the Board. Special Committees may  also be appointed by the Board to aid it on particular projects.
2.Termination: Any Committee appointment may be terminated by a majority vote of the full membership of the Board upon written notice to the appointee. The Board may appoint successors to those persons whose services have been terminated.

Article VI     Amendments

1.Procedures for Amendments: Amendments to the Articles of Incorporation and By-Laws may be proposed by the Board of Directors or by written petition addressed to the Secretary signed by twenty (20) percent of the membership in good standing.
The Board of Directors shall promptly consider amendments proposed by written petition. The  Secretary must submit proposed amendments with the Board's recommendations to the members. The members will then vote to accept or reject the amendments. The Secretary shall submit the proposed amendments to a vote within three months of the date when the Secretary received the petition.
2.Voting for Amendments: The By-laws can be amended at any time by the written vote of not less than two thirds (2/3) of the members in good standing who are present and voting at a regular or special meeting called for the purpose.
The purposed amendments shall be included in the notice of the meeting and mailed to each member at least twenty-one (21) days prior to the date of the meeting.

Article VII      Dissolution

1.Dissolution process: The Club may be dissolved at any time by the written consent of not less than two thirds (2/3) of the members. In the event of the dissolution of the Club, whether voluntary or involuntary or by operation of the law. No property of the Club nor any proceeds thereof nor any assets of the Club shall be distributed to any member s of the Club. After payment of all the debts of the Club, its property and assets shall be given to a charitable organization for the benefit of dogs to be selected by the Board of Directors.