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18. In the case of the club sponsoring a USBCHA sanctioned event, USBCHA rules will supercede club rules should there be a conflict.

A. Time is of the essence. Alleged misconduct during a NCWSA sponsored event should be immediately reported to an event official (i.e. course director, trial director) or NCWSA board member.  The official should bring the issue to the event committee and any other NCWSA board members present as soon as possible and preferably on the same day.  Investigation of such an incident may begin without completing the requirements of section C. 
B. Protests under this section may be made by members in good standing only. One must be a member in good standing PRIOR to the occurrence of the alleged rule violation being protested.

C. Any member desiring to file a complaint regarding any alleged violation of these rules may do so by submitting the complaint to any NCWSA Board member. Said letter shall be accompanied by a fifty (50) dollar cashiers' check payable to the NCWSA. The complaint must be filed with NCWSA within seven (7) days of the closing date of the event involved. Upon receipt of said letter, the complaint will be referred to the appropriate Hearing Committee for investigation and consideration. If the Hearing Committee determines, after investigation, that no further action is warranted, the complainant will be notified and no further action will be taken. In this case the fifty (50) dollar will not be returned to complainant. A majority decision of the Hearing Committee will be binding.
D. If the Hearing Committee determines, after investigation, that there are grounds for possible disciplinary action the fifty (50) dollars will be returned to the complainant. The NCWSA President shall be notified and the matter will be scheduled for a hearing before the NCWSA Board.
These rules shall be made available to all participants at club sponsored events. They can be available in electronic form or by a request to the club secretary, in written form.  Entry forms for club events shall have wording to the effect that the entrant agrees to abide by these rules.

*These rules and procedures are directly derived from the rules of the United States Border Collie Handler's Association.