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M. The following provisions regarding misconduct at, or in conjunction with, a NCWSA sponsored event or trial, while not all inclusive, are to be considered as violations of these rules. If any of the following subsections do contain penalties, these rules should be followed. If there are no penalties spelled out in the subsections below, then a violation of these rules will call for a maximum five hundred (500) dollar fine and/or maximum one (1) year suspension.
1. Attempting to fix, bribe, influence or intimidate the judge, trial secretary, time keeper, course director, or any other trial official will result in disqualification at that trial, suspension and a minimum fine of one hundred (100) dollars.
2. Talking with the judges about any trial related matter throughout the duration of the trial or discussing with the judge any ideas or methods of judging or handling except at approved handlers' meetings.
3. Making comments within a judge's hearing regarding any work taking place on the field.
4. Consuming or bringing alcoholic beverages into the judge's stand while a NCWSA sponsered trial is taking place.
5. Intimidating or attempting to intimidate or argue with a judge or a course director will result in a minimum fine of one hundred (100) dollars, and/or a minimum of thirty (30) day suspension.
6. Altering or attempting to alter the draw will result in disqualification at that trial, and a fine of not less than twenty-five (25) dollars nor more than two hundred and fifty (250) dollars.
7. Tampering with competition livestock will result in disqualification for the remainder of that trial and will be subject to a fine of twenty-five (25) to two hundred and fifty (250) dollars.
8. Unsportsmanlike conduct.
9. Fighting on the trial site.
10. Threatening or actually inflicting bodily harm or injury to another person based upon that person's actions, conduct, or decisions in any official capacity for the NCWSA or for any NCWSA approved or sponsored event shall call for suspension for one (1) year.
11. Using abusive language on the trial field.
12. Attempting to aid or distract another competitor while they are competing will result in immediate disqualification in that trial, suspension, or fine as the Hearing Committee may decide.
13. Behaving in a manner discrediting to NCWSA.
14. Participating in training activities while on the trial grounds other than in designated areas is prohibited.
15. Inhumane treatment of dog or stock on the trial field or grounds is prohibited at NCWSA sponsored events. If event management discovers inhumane treatment to dog or livestock they may bar the responsible party from further participation in the trial. The decision as to inhumane treatment of animals may be based on the consultation with a veterinarian . If trial management determines, in its sole discretion, that the welfare of the animal requires immediate action, and a veterinarian is not available, trial management may consult with the judge of the trial before taking any action allowed by this Section.
16. The NCWSA BOD shall be notified of the occurrence in (15) days so a hearing to consider disciplinary action against the responsible party may be scheduled.
17. In any other matters not directly addressed by this policy the rules of the USBCHA will be followed.